What is The Difference Between Brokerage And Realtor?

The process of buying, selling and renting properties is tricky and both realtors and brokers are there to help us navigate through this tricky process but have you ever asked yourself why people offering a similar service operate under different names but there are a few important distinctions between the two professionals and we must be aware of that, whether you are just someone who gets in touch with realtors and brokers for sale/ purchase or renting or you want to pursue your career as a broker or a realtor.

difference between brokerage and realtorA realtor or real estate agent is an industry personnel who has a license and helps us get through real estate deals, the person could work under a real estate firm or even a brokerage house, there are different requirements for realtors in different states but every state would require the realtor to be licensed and that is the same for realtors here in Barrington, however a broker is someone who may not have a license, all they have to do is study and pass a few exams to work as a broker in a brokerage firm, realtors are required to be members of the realtor association and that membership comes with a license, while their nature of work might be very similar but this is the difference between the two, you would see a number of brokers working for a realtor firm and trying to get a license.

It makes no difference for us as customers and you shouldn’t be worried about their exams and membership if we are looking to get help in simple deals, how if you are working on a bigger scale then you should always consider about these things because if they are not members of the National Association of realtors then it might be an issue.