What is a Studio Apartment?

Studio apartments are newly built living spaces with English appeal. These apartments are very popular in big cities where large residential projects are not affordable. Let’s take a look at what studio apartments actually are, and what type of people they are most suitable for.

Studio Apartment

commercial property for rentIn order to be called a studio apartment, living space must contain a living room, bathroom, kitchen and a bedroom. Some studio apartments also have partition walls to separate different areas. These partitions allow for privacy just in case there are multiple people living in the same apartment.

Size of a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments usually do not have a lot of space, and they maximize the efficiency of every room with the space they have. Moreover, a studio apartment might or might not have an open floor design. Usually, studio apartments have available space within 700square feet. However, the size might vary depending on the developer you are buying your studio apartment from.

Price of a Studio Apartment

Mostly found in densely, populated cities, studio apartments can vary in prices depending on the amenities they have, and on the location. The price of an average studio apartment can vary from $200k to $500k depending on the location and amenities.

Who Should Buy a Studio Apartment?

Always do proper research before buying apartments in Fresno. Usually, studio apartments are perfect for people with small families who cannot afford their own house, or for tenants, which are single working individuals. Moreover, investors can also invest in studio apartments to increase their rental income. As the price of the property goes up, the invested can also benefit by reselling the studio apartment on a profit.

There are lots of different configurations of studio apartments, available out there depending on your needs.