Swedish Man Sentenced After Sending Bomb to Crypto Firm Over Lost Password

A British court has sentenced a man to six and a half years after he sent a”possibly deadly home made bomb” to a U.K.-based crypto company, BBC reports today, Nov. 9. Jermu Michael Salonen, 43, faced several charges at the Stockholm District Court, including sending a bomb to Cryptopay employees in London, also mailing a white powder to Swedish politicians — including the prime minister.Salonen was supposedly trying to take revenge to the company for refusing to modify his password to the Cryptopay platform at August 2017. As BBC reports, Cryptopay refused the request, as such a change could contravene company policy.Salonen sent an explosive device in a padded envelope addressed to two Cryptopay employee’therefore at Hackney, London at November 2017, and the bundle was delivered to an accounting company previously used by Cryptopay.Several months later in March 2018, a worker in the office started opening the bundle, but stopped when he became distrustful of the contents. The package was called the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command who forwarded DNA data from the bomb to Interpol, alerting Swedish authorities to Salonen’s actions. Cryptopay co-founder George Basiladze told Cointelegraph that the company had shifted offices a “few months before the package was delivered. ” No one has been hurt in the incident, also “none [Cryptopay’s] employees have ever worked at that speech. ”Subsequent to the recent news, Cryptopay then tweeted resetting a password is “no issue,” if it’s forgotten:Source: Cryptopay TwitterOn Oct. 31, lots of firms in Amsterdam faced another event of crypto extortion via email, using an anonymous individual threatening an attack using hand grenades when they didn’t send 50,000 euro ($57,000) to his Bitcoin wallet.Earlier this calendar year, Cointelegraph reported Russian crypto blogger and trader Pavel Nyashin has been found dead at his flat in Saint Petersburg. Nyashin was previously attacked, when attackers stole around $425,000 in money afterwards he boasted of the crypto wealth online. While an investigation has been opened in May, there’s still no news on the topic. […]

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