Prosecutors Detain Three Hackers Allegedly Involved in Million Crypto Theft

Specialized prosecutors and Gendarmerie drives have arrested three hackers reportedly involved .
Bulgarian Gendarmerie drives and specialized prosecutors have arrested three hackers reportedly involved with stealing $5 million in crypto, Sofia-based newspaper 24 Chasa reports Monday, Nov. 26. Bulgarian police allegedly captured cryptocurrencies worth roughly $3 million, in addition to the equipment allegedly employed from the thefts, such as computers, flash drives, and also an hardware portfolio such as storage of crypto data.Apart from laptops containing crypto accounts, the prosecutors have also captured a car that has been allegedly bought with stolen funds and also value approximately 60,000 in Bulgarian Lev (BGN) (approximately $35,000). According to prosecutors, the suspects performed advanced computer skills and employed new hacking procedures. The criminals also used specialized software for the hacking scheme.The prosecutors reportedly launched the analysis five months ago, shortly after being informed about the initial instances of this alleged scam. The suspects are currently imprisoned by means of a neighborhood specialized court.Last week, U.S. authorities in the country of California arrested a 21-year elderly man from New York to the alleged theft of $1 million from crypto in a “SIM-swapping” strategy. The hacking method involves the stealing of a mobile phone number to be able to hijack online financial and social networking accounts.Previously, California-based law enforcement group REACT Task Force noted that “SIM swapping” has come to be one of its own & ldquo;greatest priorities” in an effort to resist cryptocurrency fraud. […]

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