[promoted] WatermelonBlock Harnesses AI Brainpower to Fuel Crypto Market Analysis

Consequently, the process of sorting through enormous amounts of
background information and data can be a laborious, time-consuming endeavor.
Continually exposed to opinions and emotions, investors tend to be unable to
assess the informational signals necessary to create informed market

That’s at which WatermelonBlock, an data analytics company with a suite of products which provide cryptocurrency insights right to the consumer, comes from. Through a
mix of data points accumulated from social websites as well as traditional technical
evaluation, this emerging startup assists investors in staying abreast of
critical data and information sets in real time.

WatermelonBlock attempts to provide these insights into all levels of investors, from seasoned traders trying to stay ahead of the
curve relative to their own personalized portfolio to novices attempting to
mitigate the information overload often attached to their very initial important investments. 

It’s that the company admits a difference in
the capability of ordinary algorithms to analyze the magnitude of critical data sets.
By deploying the computing ability of IBM Watson, arguably the most innovative AI
platform from the world, WatermelonBlock can scan, categorize, weigh and
analyze massive data sets within minutes, supplying consumers with current market
information and real time actionable insights directly at their hands. 

More Authentic and Better-Informed Trading

WatermelonBlock isn’t just a proof of concept it’s an actual working protocol which places user experience initially, all with the
goal of incorporating cryptocurrency investments to any lifestyle via a
24/7 stream of market analytics.

A free insights smartphone program powered by
WatermelonBlock is replete with a sleek, easy user interface and is scheduled
for release in Q4 of this year. It’ll feature neatly packed, real-time
cryptocurrency, market and first coin offering (ICO) evaluation; personalized
portfolio notifications and a digital wallet.

In stage two for the program, which will be released
in Q3 of 2019, the WatermelonBot will be established — an automatic artificial
intelligence (AI) bot that may execute trades based on user-set
tastes. This second stage will also include a more sophisticated virtual wallet
and payments platform, allowing for quicker trading and gratification. 

All rates are easy and transparent,
enabling users to focus on markets and their investments versus costs. 

The WatermelonBlock pre-token sale will begin on July 27, together with the whole public sale starting on August 27. Investors can
obtain exclusive access to this WatermelonBlock presale by registering on the
WatermelonBlock website.

Seeding the Road Ahead

WatermelonBlock’so manager and UX developer,
Elliot Rothfield, has a passion for producing communities, particularly for
its millennial group. With many successful startup businesses under his belt
in addition to functioning as the co-founder of a ten-year-old international community
and arts festival, he is currently putting the complete force of his power supporting WatermelonBlock’s program suite.

“During my participation in among Australia’s
largest community and arts festivals, I started to observe that there were a lot
of struggling musicians that I was coping with,” Rothfield said. “Many managed to encourage their own craft and their lifestyle during cryptocurrency, rather than work through menial projects. This is where my entry into the cryptocurrency
market started. Being a avid follower of this marketplace, I noticed the volatility of
this industry straight away. ”

Rothfield added which the title WatermelonBlock
comes from the Japanese Watermelon — “It’s enjoyable, it’s quirky and it’s unforgettable.
We wanted to proceed against a traditional blockchain name. We guessed that
there were names such as Tron, Dash and Laser Gun 5000.” 

Connected to the value proposition that
WatermelonBlock hopes to provide, Rothfield has got a very clear vision.

“People are sick of biased advice and ‘bogus news,’” he said. “They’re getting smarter and they’re recognizing that a great deal of
what’s being fed into them through the media is significantly biased, together with publishers
often with a vested interestrate. Because of this, these individuals are looking for
more intelligent ways to exchange (which goes for almost any market), as well as more effective ways to conduct market research. ”

He included that WatermelonBlock’s capacity to
unite opinion analysis together with geolocation and communicating provides a much greater system for consumers. 

“WatermelonBlock hopes to capture the heartbeat of
cryptocurrency and traditional markets, delivering insights and
information accessible to everyone ” said Rothfield. ”  

Note: investing and trading in electronic assets is speculative and
can be elevated risk. Based on the shifting business and regulatory environment of
the a new business, this content shouldn’t be considered investment or legal

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