Malaysia’s Education Ministry Sets up University Degree Verification System via Blockchain

The Ministry of Education of Malaysia is establishing a NEM blockchain-based college consortium to combat fraud.
The Ministry of Education (MoE) of Malaysia has been launching a University Consortium to fight level fraud utilizing blockchain, the ministry declared within an tweet Nov. 8.According into the ministry’s conversation, the machine is designed to issue and verify the authenticity of university-issued degrees. The new government-backed consortium will likely be included in six public colleges and their diploma-verifying system is set to operate utilizing the NEM (XEM) blockchain. As reported by a local media report, the concept of the consortium was proposed by the MoE so as to save the reputation and the integrity of Malaysian universities, to look after the rights of students, and to promote distributed ledger technology (DLT).The MoE remarked to the press that the main purpose behind the creation of the consortium is to “spread skills coaching,” and to adopt and develop the technologies by students and academics. In the very long term, the ministry said it is also mimicked the development of what it called “industry-standard” blockchain solutions which may potentially generate revenue for Consortium penis universities.Recently, ” a Russian state-backed university declared it would save diploma information on blockchain, asserting that the establishment has recorded the information of “all diplomas issued within the past ten decades ” utilizing DLT.In October last year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reportedly became the world’s first university to issue electronic diplomas by implementing blockchain technology. […]

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