How Often Do Carpets Need Replacing?

Looking at your carpet and noticing that it is not quite as beautiful or comfortable as it was when you first decided to buy it can often make you feel like you have done something wrong in your life.

caret cleaning by professionalsCarpets can be a bit pricey, so you would ideally want to find a way to make them last as long as possible without a shadow of a doubt. However, oftentimes when you feel like your carpet needs to be replaced the truth is that all it actually needs is a thorough cleaning by a team of experts.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should consider carpet cleaning La Porte before you toss out your carpet and buy a new one to replace it. That said, you should also try to bear in mind that at a certain point even deep cleaning is not going to save your carpet and make it look the way that it used to not all that long ago. A carpet that has been cleaned on a more or less regular basis, which means at least twice a year, will probably last at least ten years if not more than that.

Carpets that don’t get the same level of care and treatment don’t last as long at all. Their average life expectancy is around six years, so if you want to almost double the number of years in which your carpet would remain usable you really should consider getting it cleaned as often as you can. Don’t go overboard though because this might start to fray the fabric of your carpet and have the opposite effect from what you intended.