Crypto Hardware Wallet Ledger Resumes Bitcoin Cash Services

Cryptocurrency pocket Ledger has re-enabled its Bitcoin Cash services like sending the altcoin and adding account.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) services for cryptocurrency hardware pocket Ledger have resumed, according to a statement printed Nov. 23. Ledger frozen its BCH support on Nov. 14 in anticipation of the cryptocurrency’s difficult fork “to stop unwanted transactions and possible replay attacks. ” During the ceremony pause it wasn’t possible to send BCH through the wallet’s infrastructure.The BCH network underwent an update on Nov. 15, resulting in a intricate battle and eventually dividing the blockchain into 2 — BCH ABC backed by crypto evangelist Roger Ver along with BCH SV headed by Craig Wright. The hash warfare led cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe to temporarily suspend BCH trading and withdrawals.Today, Ledger announced it’s re-enabled its BCH services like adding account and sending the altcoin. The pocket also made an announcement in its Twitter account:“Our Bitcoin Cash support is back online in Bitcoin Cash ABC’s form. We are also providing you with an aid center article. Before sending Bitcoin Cash, it is advisable to do this. ”Ledger mentioned that in Ledger Live BCH SV isn’t encouraged as of today. The business recommended its customers before making any BCH transactions to use the Electron Splash dividing tool. If not, users may supposedly risk dropping their BCH SV if an attacker replays their transaction over the BCH SV chain or versa.Earlier this month, the Germany-based IOTA Foundation announced its plans to incorporate IOTA tokens with Ledger’s pockets. The device is intended to allow users to save all or some of their crypto holdings with simple access. […]

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