California Cybercrime Police Focus as’Highest Priority’

Stealing crypto through hijacked SIM cards will be firmly on the radar of their U.S. REACT Task Force.
U.S. law enforcement consider so-called “SIM swapping” one of its ldquo;greatest priorities” in an effort to fight cryptocurrency fraud, security information and evaluation site KrebsonSecurity documented Nov. 7. Speaking to this book, Samy Tarazi, a police sergeant in Santa Barbara and also a supervisor of the REACT Task Force — a group devoted to combating cybercrime — said the number of instances of the offense had improved radically. “To the numbers being stolen along with the number of individuals being successful at shooting this, the numbers are probably historical,” he said.SIM swapping refers to the act of remotely hijacking the SIM card in a mobile device — for example by gaining access to a operator’s client database included one high-profile case between millions of dollars — and using the consequent control within the device to acquire access to poorly-protected personal data.The data demonstrating most valuable for SIM swappers is cryptocurrency login information and wallet passwords, leading to huge amounts of cash disappearing, Tarazi says, ongoing:“If someone gets robbed of $100,000 that’s huge instance, but we’re dealing with a person who buys a 99 cent SIM card off eBay, plugs it to a inexpensive burner phone, makes a call and owes tens of thousands of dollars. This ’s pretty impressive. ”REACT, which stands for Regional Enforcement Allied Computer Team, is headquartered in Santa Barbara and continues to attempt to deliver the increasingly active occurrence under control.So so, Tarazi added, that SIM swapping has become the team ’s major attention. “It’s probably REACT’s greatest priority at the moment, provided SIM swapping is happening to someone probably even as we speak right now,” he warned, adding:“It’s also because there are a good deal of victims within our immediate jurisdiction.

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