Blockchain May’Accelerate the Economy,’ Claims Nigerian Presidential Candidate

Nigeria & rsquo’s candidate;s major opposition party claims to govern cryptocurrency when he wins the elections in February.
The presidential leadership of Nigeria’s major opposition party has promised to support blockchain along with cryptocurrency, local news outlet that the DailyPost article reported Nov. 24. The offender news socket allegedly analyzed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Atiku Abubakar’s “Get Nigeria Working Again” coverage he allegedly promised to enact if he is elected president February 16, 2019. DailyPost reports in the document, the politician announced that “he aims to hasten the economy favorably through blockchain along with cryptocurrency. ”According DailyPost, Abubaka stated it to ldquo & unlock;the capacities of rdquo & this new economy; PDP “shall foster the creation of a coverage on blockchain engineering and cryptocurrencies. ”DailyPost as saying & ldquo; regulation will offer clarity & rdquo; in this ldquo, quoted Abubakar platform . ” The terms of the mandate can also be promised to function “handled in a way that offers job opportunities in addition to earnings for the government and people of Nigeria. ”As Cointelegraph reported from mid-October, the Nigerian government has been cooperating to develop blockchain in the nation. Back in March, Nigerian regulator Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) warned against the usage of cryptocurrencies because transactions aren’t insured. […]

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