Battle for Bitcoin Cash Name Ends as BCH SV Backer Calls for’Permanent Break’

Important Bitcoin Cash SV supporter has declared that the coin will last from Bitcoin Cash.
”Ayre calls Bitcoin Cash ABC — that the Roger coin created in BCH’s recent fork — “forever divide ” the 2 chains for ldquo & a;solution that is triumph. ”The author accuses supporters of both Bitcoin, that he refers to as “Segwit BTC” at the guide, and Bitcoin Cash of having “tinkered it [Bitcoin] into death. ” Notably, according to Ayre, Bitcoin and BCH ABC — that currently has regained the title of Bitcoin Cash — own “abandoned Bitcoin’s core fundamentals by abandoning Nakamoto consensus and trust from miners’ Proof of Work. ”Ayre ends by stating that he expects that moving forward as a distinct coin “could be the end of the incident ” he has instructed his team “start working with everybody ” to release Bitcoin SV as an independent coin from Bitcoin Cash.The recent challenging disk, or update, of the Bitcoin Cash network split the community into two main factions, people who encourage Bitcoin Cash SV and people who encourage Bitcoin Cash ABC, that try to update the network in different ways. A third, so-called “impartial ” Circle, called Bitcoin Unlimited, has been also formed.Bitcoin Money ABC was because last week allegedly able to outperform Bitcoin SV concerning hashrate, winning itself that the right to maintain the Bitcoin Cash fresh name. Since the dust settles post flop, crypto wallets and trades will be announcing their support , as well as warnings about, the competing coins, even following many had temporarily suspended BCH trading and withdrawals.Just yesterday, Nov. 23, major hardware wallet Ledger announced that it had resumed BCH trading “at the form of” BCH ABC.Bitcoin Cash is currently down less than 1 percent over the previous 24 hours to media the some time. The coin has suffered nearly 55 percent losses in cost because the hard fork occurred Nov. 15. […]

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