At Least 12 $50 Million+ ICOs Haven’t Launched Tokens, Says BitMEX Research

New research reveals several ICO projects that are famous still have no very clear launch date because of their market.
At least twelve Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects that increased over $50 million into their token sales have yet to establish, new data by cryptocurrency trading system BitMEX showed Nov. 21. At a mailing list round, CEO Arthur Hayes identified projects like Filecoin Telegram and Overstock & rsquo; s tZero among the twelve ticket ICOs yet to ascertain when just their market will go. “These bargains have valuations, and several of the most venerated token funds took down chunks. It’s uncertain when, if ever, these prices could ever record on the secondary market,” he remarked, continuing:“Given that the large quantity of token distribution out there, who will purchase this s**t? ”“2019 will be the year of reckoning for many capital,” Hayes meanwhile concluded:“Should these items come to market, there’ll be no accounting tricks to conceal the huge losses that these funds will post. ”Hayes’ the troubles faced with the ICO market this year are summarized by powerful words. Following almost twelve weeks of bear markets in cryptocurrency, many projects have hemorrhaged cash, together with previous analysis by Diar noting around 70 percent are now worth less than what they increased during their ICO funding.Estimated in September when Bitcoin costs were approximately 30 percent greater than at press time, the amount is now likely to become greater still.Other ICOs have since fallen foul of the law, together with either Paragon and Airfox getting orders to repay tens of thousands of dollars to shareholders from U.S. regulators, who found both guilty of selling unregistered securities in the nation. […]

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