Crypto Pro Expo was created out of the need for a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency event geared specifically towards the rapidly growing number of companies and individuals calling themselves professionals in the field.  This approach is unique in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space as most events are geared towards a broad range of attendee experience levels, ultimately watering down the value for everyone.  Crypto Pro Expo is designed to be the premier Blockchain and Cryptocurrency event for professionals by offering access to the latest talks, speakers, content and resources that are most important to professionals working in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency markets.

Crypto Pro Expo enjoys a symbiotic relationship with the most important organization for professionals in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency markets: The United States Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association, a 501c6 non-profit trade organization designed to provide resources, education, access and representation to the industry as a whole.  Amongst the USBCA’s numerous chapters and industry-wide activities, it also has a fully funded lobbying effort in Washington D.C. designed to thoughtfully lead and assist US lawmakers and regulators in creating powerful and long lasting beneficial policy around blockchain technologies and digital currencies.